Sunday, August 4, 2013

2013 Fair Week Schedule- What's left

August 7
1:00pm -midnight Arrangements and Specimens
Alex Methodist Church

August 8 7:30am
Take arrangement & Specimens to the fair
Alex Methodist Church

August 8 9:30am
Breakfast at the fair
Alex Methodist Church

August 8 11:00am
Clean the Church
Alex Methodist Church

August 11 Noon
Meet at Fair to pick up our stuff
Take everything to Colleens have a cookout and DRINK! (We'll need it!!!)

2013 Hartford Fair Saturday, August 3rd Results

Great job everyone at the Hartford Fair on Saturday!    Remember - Wednesday night we do arrangements and specimens again (different categories!) to take up Thursday morning (7:30am).

Sooooo, here are the results from Saturday!

2013 Hartford Fair Results
Saturday, August 3th


Beautiful Ohio: 3rd Ruth
I was dancing with my Darling (depicting motion) - 1st Tiffany, 2nd Christi
Daisy Daisy Give Me Your True Answer:  1st Tiffany
Bicycle Built for Two (circular design) - 1st Tiffany, 2nd Bud
A Tisket, a Tasket (miniature) 1st Ruth, 2nd Anita
When Autumn Weather Turns to Flame - 1st Lynn

Possible Points = 54
Points Received = 31

Potted Plants:
Geranium – 2nd Gail
Rex Begonia:  1st Gail
Outdoor Planter  - 3rd Martha
Potted Herb – 1st Gail

Possible Points = 77
Points Received =10

Large Zinnia - 1st Jenny Sue, 3rd Martha
Med Zinnia – 1st Phil, 3rd Anita
Small Zinnia – 1st Lynn, 2nd Tiffany, 3rd Gail
Zinnia "Profusion Orange" - 1st Tiffany, 2nd Erin, 3rd Ruth 
Snap Dragon – 3rd Georgia
Shasta Daisy – 1st Ruth, 2nd Phil
Liatris - 2nd Joyce, 3rd Anita
Sunflower – 1 Colleen, 3rd Joyce  (BEST OF SHOW for Colleen!)
Lycoris – 1st Christi
Daylily any color – 1st Georgia, 3rd Bud
Lilium (Tiger Lilly) - None
Lilium (any other color) - None
Stella De Oro Daylily - None
Cosmos – 1st Lynn, 3rd Christi
Echinacea – 2nd Anita, 3rd Lynn
Rudbeckia "Goldstrum" - 2nd Georgia    
Gloriosa Daisy – 2nd Georgia, 3rd Colleen 
Salvia – 2nd Anita, 3rd Kass
Short Grasses - None
Medium Grass – None
Statice - None
Strawflower – 3rd Maxine
Artemesia –  None
Lavender –1st Martha, 2nd Tiffany,  3rd Christi
Yarrow – None
Globe Thistle - None

Possible Points = 243
Points Received = 91

How points are calculated:
1st Place = 4
2nd Place = 3
3rd Place = 2
Each Entry = 1 = I DID NOT ADD THIS INTO OUR TOTAL (We have a ton of entries!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

2010 Hartford Fair Results 
From day 1 of 2 - Saturday, August 7th
Wash Day: 2nd Tammy   3rd Anita
Ironing Day:  3rd Place Tiffany
Sewing Day:  2nd Gail
Market Day:  1st Georgia
Cleaning Day: 1st Tammy, 2nd Mary
Day of Rest: 1st Bud, 2nd Georgia, 3rd Erin
Farm Chores: 2nd Tiffany

Potted Plants:
Geranium – 3rd Maxine
Tuberous Begonia:  1st Maxine
Wax Begonia – 1st Georgia
Plant in an Unusual Container  - Maxine 2nd
Strawberry Pot – 2nd Maxine
Potted Herb – 2nd Colleen
Non Blooming Hanging Basket  - 1st Tiffany – Best in Show for Potted Plants

Large Zinnia - 1st Georgia, 3rd Bud
Med Zinnia – 2nd Gail, 3rd Joyce
Medium Cactus Flowered Zinnia – 1st Erin
Snap Dragon – 1st Georgia
Shasta Daisy – 3rd Martha
Sunflower – 2nd Bud, 3rd Tiffany
Lycoris – 2nd Georgia, 3rd Colleen
Daylilly any color – 3rd Erin
Cosmos – 2nd Christi
Echinacea – 1st Georgia, 2nd Colleen, 3rd Martha
Gloriosa Daisy – 1st Tiffany, 2nd Colleen, 3rd Erin
Salvia – 2nd Gail, 3rd Colleen
Medium Grass – 3rd Martha
Globe Amaranth – 1st Tiffany, 2nd Georgia, 3rd Alexandria Garden Club
Strawflower – 1st Colleen, 2nd Georgia, 3rd Tiffany
Artemesia – 1st Colleen, 2nd Georgia
Lavender – 1st Alexandria Garden Club, 2nd Bud
Yarrow – 3rd (Forgot to write the name down!!)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, July 26  – 7:00pm Meeting at Christi’s.  Discussing flower arrangement ideas for fair

Thursday, August 5 – 7:30pm Bakers to cut flowers for arrangements

*Friday,  August 6 – *5:30pm Methodist Church, make arrangements for the fair

Saturday, August  7th 8:30am – Methodist Church to take arrangements to the fair

Tuesday, August 10 – 7:30pm Bakers to cut flowers for arrangements

*Wednesday, August 11 – *3:00pm Methodist Church, make arrangements for the fair

Thursday, August 12 – 7:30am Methodist Church to take arrangements to the fair

Sunday, August 15 – 9:30 Fair to take everything home!

*Times for arrangements are whenever you can get there and will go on for HOURS! 

Things to bring if you have them:
For Bakers:
  • Buckets for flowers (big and small)
  • Water
  • Pruners
  • Gloves
For Arrangements:
  • Arrangement Containers
  • Knife
  • Accessories
  • SPECIMENS! (we are doing them the night before!)
  • Specimen containers if you have some
  • Scissors
  • Pruners
  • Food will be provided

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who helped clean up the triangle and the planters! Everything looks great!

We all had fun at Brew's after the cleanup too! Don't forget the next meeting is Monday the 19th, 7pm at the library.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Notes from the Monday, Sept 21, 2009 meeting

3 People attended the meeting

Georgia Hicks

Gail Roberts

Tiffany Geiger

  1. October 10th @ 10am - Triangle and Planter clean up

a. Need to weed triangle and move coral bells to the triangle.

  1. Community Thanksgiving dinner

a. Park Board has asked us to join them in a community fund raiser – making and serving a thanksgiving dinner to the community – Tiffany will send email for input – not enough people present to make decision

b. January or February meeting try to get someone to talk about planning perennials

  1. Speaker for next meeting

a. Georgia is going to see if she can get an arborist to speak at the nest meeting – details to follow

  1. November meeting – Bow-o-rama! Get ready to make those bows for our swags!
  2. We think The Christams Brunch is December 5th – if so, Swag-o-Rama will be Wednesday December 2nd @ 6:00
  3. Next meeting October 19th 7PM at the Library

Friday, August 14, 2009

Just got the points total...

We lost 551 to 507. Maybe next year!